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We Are Now ISN Certified!

ISNLogo_small We are now ISN certified!
Finding a good contractor isn’t always easy. When the scale of your project  is more than a simple household repair job, whom can you consult before investing great time and resources? Most people, as we know, go on word of mouth. Even in this electronic age of smooth graphics and instant connectivity, there is still hardly a replacement for that intangible yet so very effective thing called reputation. A good word does indeed go a long way. What happens when you are a potential client in the industrial or municipal sector with a pumping project to be achieved? Perhaps you’ve heard of us, but can you trust us? The answer is ‘yes,’ but don’t take our word for it; take someone else’s. Take ISNetworld’s.
ISNetworld is an independent reviewer of contractors and suppliers. Potential clients go to ISN to find verified information of contractors’ safety programs, incident records, audits, training documents, insurance certificates, employee background checks, and more. ISN as well as third-party data-providers review and confirm self-reported information and collect it in the ISNetworld database, where it is available to clients who can search for exactly the contractor or supplier that fits their needs.
It sounds like a rigorous process, but what’s in it for the contractor? Why should Cortech supply this information? Well, so we can be better found by you! We also gain a number of other benefits: networking with peers, greater marketing exposure to clients, regionally-specific industry news, and various tools to improve the conformance process are all a part of our benefits. And the general mutual result is fewer incidents and greater compliance. Better client-contractor matching leads to quicker and more efficient communication of services and solutions.
So, yes, word of mouth may still be the essence of the contractor selection process but is evidently greatly aided by the technology of ISN’s certification.
And, yes, you can trust us: ISN gave us an A.