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What is a Wobble Pump and in Which Applications is it Best Suited?

A wobble plate piston pump (more commonly referred to simply as a “wobble pump”) is a specialty pump ideal for applications that require a great deal of pressure. Some wobble pumps can handle up to 10,000 PSI or more, making it ideal for high-pressure, low-volume applications.

How it Works

A wobble pump works by using a series of pistons set in a stationary block (usually an odd number of pistons). Each piston features an internal valve, along with an additional valve behind it. At the other end, the pistons are connected to a rotating wobble plate, the control valves, and a series of specialized springs. As the valves are forced to open and close, the wobble plate rotates, creating the suction and discharge pressure. It’s a unique and powerful design.

Wobble Pump Applications

Wobble pumps efficiently transfer liquids with thin-to-moderate viscosities, but they can also handle high-solid contents. Though the engineering principle appears complex, wobble pumps are actually easy to maintain because the rotating unit has only one primary joint. They also save space with a short, compact design and a directly flange-mounted drive (block type).

Wobble pumps are commonly found in a variety of industries and applications:

            • Gas & Oil

            • Medical

            • Chemical Processing

            • Food & Beverage

            • Agriculture

            • Construction

            • Mining

            • Pharmaceutical

            • Pulp & Paper

Seepex Wobble Pumps

Seepex is a leading pump manufacturer, and we often recommend their wobble pumps for specific applications. Seepex wobble pumps convey up to 10 cubic milliliters per hour (or 44 gallons per minute). They can handle pressures up to 4 BAR or 60 PSI. Seepex wobble pumps aren’t the biggest on the market, but they’re ideal for low-volume applications where space, maintenance time, and reliable performance are important factors.

Cortech DXP offers pumps and accessories from many different manufacturers like Seepex. If you have questions about wobble pumps or want to know if a wobble pump is suited for your specific processing needs, contact us today. We take pride in educating our customers and setting them up with equipment that’s ideal for their unique operations. We also provide installation, maintenance, and repair services to help you get the absolute most out of your wobble pump over its operating life. Contact Cortech DXP for all your pump and accessory needs.