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What’s in Wastewater?

There are many specialized pumps available to aid in the wastewater treatment process. Cortech offers a wide variety of pumps and brands to perfectly suit all of our clients’ applications. The amount of pumps offered is so large because there are many different factors that need to be considered when treating wastewater. One of the most important things to look at when setting up your wastewater treatment system is what is in the wastewater? There are a variety of materials that could be present, and knowing what you will most likely be dealing with will help you determine the best pump for your needs.
Organic Matter – Organic matter is found everywhere in the environment. It consists of carbon based chemicals and is biodegradable. However, under severe conditions, having too much organic matter in one area can cause major problems. It uses oxygen to survive, and in doing this, can deplete a water source of its oxygen.
Inorganics – Minerals, metals, and compounds are all inorganics that can be found in wastewater. In large quantities, or small quantities over an extended period of time, inorganics are toxic to humans and animals, and they will contaminate the surrounding soil and water near where they are found.
Solids – Solids can lower the amount of oxygen in water bodies, and they clog up different areas of wastewater treatment applications when they are not removed properly.
Organisms – There are thousands of different kinds of bacteria, protozoa, and worms that live in wastewater. Most of these organisms are there for a purpose: they contribute to the treatment of the wastewater.
Pathogens – Disease causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites also live in wastewater. These are the microorganisms that we are trying to remove from wastewater. The goal in doing this is to keep the public and the environment healthy. All of these pathogens pose a public safety concern.
Gases – Gases that are common in wastewater are ammonia and methane. Both of these gases are harmful and toxic to humans and must be disposed of properly.
Oil and Grease – When these products are discharged into the environment and they work their way into bodies of water, they cannot be broken down easily and end up accumulating near or on the surface of the water. If they harden, they create a barrier between the water and the oxygen rich atmosphere. This leads to a depletion of the oxygen supply in the water.
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