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3 Services Offered by Ro Flo Compressors’ Vacuum Pumps

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Ro Flo compressors are known throughout the industry for their reliance, strength, and durability. They provide a deep vacuum down to 0.7 psia and are commonly used in industries like food processing, chemical manufacturing, and power generation. Ro Flo compressors are used throughout the industry for their three main services they provide:

  1. Condensor Services – In power plants, Ro Flo’s services have been utilized for many decades. Each compressor is able to increase steam turbine efficiency through the use of back pressure relief. In addition, the compressors constantly remove dissolved gases. They have been designed to do this to minimize fouling issues and corrosion.
  2. Vegetable Chilling and Vacuum Cooling – In the produce industry, vegetables are picked and washed immediately to preserve the shelf life of the vegetable. But, there’s more to be done to make these vegetables last longer for the consumer: deep vacuuming. Ro Flo compressors deep vacuum vegetables to remove any remaining water after they have been washed. This process vaporizes that water and causes the vegetables to be cooled instantaneously to about 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Vegetables can be sanitized, chilled, and dried in just 30 minutes.
  3. Vacuum Stripping – As industries prepare consumer goods, the processes often require the use of harsh solvents or reacting agents during production. Once this occurs, these chemicals need to be removed from the products before reaching the end consumer. In order to do this, Ro Flo vacuum pumps are used to accelerate the boil off process used by deep vacuuming the vapors produced. Ro Flo compressors enable raw material reclamation and reduced processing time.

Companies and industries around the world trust Ro Flo compressor pumps to safely and efficiently provide all sorts of vacuum services. With service, reliability, and customer satisfaction on their side, Cortech is proud to offer Ro Flo compressor pumps to our clients.