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Ampco ZP Series: Positive Displacement Pumps

When it comes to sanitary pumps, Ampco is one of the biggest names out there. They offer durable, high-performance pumps that also provide excellent value. If you need a positive displacement pump, let Cortech Engineering show you the best products that Ampco has available.
One of Ampco’s popular line of pumps is the ZP Series of positive displacement circumferential piston pumps. Let’s take a look at what the ZP Series has to offer:
Proven Performance & Adaptability
The Ampco ZP Series pumps are truly top-of-the-line and are 3A Certified for sanitary use. The ZP Series pumps are designed with circumferential pistons that provide dependable positive displacement action. They are meticulously engineered for performance excellence and are built to handle extremely tight tolerances. The ZP Series pumps provide low vibrations and exceptional mass balance to achieve these results.
Ampco has 36 different ZP Series pumps available, as well as 12 companion models that feature specialized rectangular flange configurations. All pumps in the ZP line are designed with specific customer applications in mind. If one of their existing pump models doesn’t suit your needs, Ampco will help tailor a pump that can accomplish the exact results you desire.
All ZP Series positive displacement pumps from Ampco can be used as a direct “drop-in” replacement with other pump models from different manufacturers. This makes them very easy to install and maintain. Less downtime means more production for you.
Sanitary Design
Specific features are included in each ZP Series model of pump, each with different sanitary applications in mind. One feature is the stainless-steel splash plate that reduces potential damage to bearings from water intrusion when the pump is being washed down. The sanitary design makes the Ampco ZP Series pumps very popular within the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
Product Features & Specs
All ZP Series pumps by Ampco come with standard features for optimal performance and durability. This includes:

  • Stainless-steel gearcase
  • Stainless-steel bearing retainers
  • Helical gears
  • 17-4 shafts
  • 2-side threaded grease zerks
  • 4-way mountain
  • Anti-microbial lube
  • Gasketed stainless-steel cleanout plugs
  • Six oil fill plugs with sight glass

Capacities range from 0.1 up to 310 GPM and pressures up to 500 PSI/34 BAR. ZP Series pumps can also handle temperatures ranging from -40°F to +300°F and viscosity ranges of 1 to 1,000,000 CPS.
To find out more about the Ampco ZP Series of positive displacement circumferential piston pumps and to get the preferred set up for your specific application, contact Cortech Engineering today. We’ll help you get the most out of your Ampco pumps.