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Cortech Product Feature – Ampco AC/AC+ Series

Cortech Product Feature – Ampco AC/AC+ Pump Series
Ampco is a leading pump company that has evolved as a manufacturer over the last 100 years. Many of Cortech Engineering’s clients use Ampco pumps for a variety of demanding industrial applications. One of their specialties is centrifugal pump designs, and one of their most popular lines of centrifugal pumps is the AC/AC+ Series.
Built to Last
The AC/AC+ centrifugal pumps from Ampco are made from high-grade, 316 stainless-steel for optimal performance and maximum durability. They are extremely reliable and feature a design that is both simple to maintain and provides sanitary processing for sensitive materials. In fact, these pumps are 3A Certified for sanitary use.
The AC Series from Ampco is built to handle many applications. In particular, the AC+ Series take things a few steps further with engineering innovations. The AC+ centrifugal pumps use a specially designed shaft that increases stability, performance and sanitary qualities, which reduces vibration and extends seal life. The AC+ models also have slightly modified threaded impeller nuts and clamped stub shaft to improve reliability and make cleaning and maintenance even easier.
Value and Performance
A great feature of the AC/AC+ Series centrifugal pumps from Ampco is the 100 percent interchangeable components. These pumps can be customized to fit other pumps and types, which makes for easy installation in your line and simplistic maintenance over time. Reducing your downtime is another way Ampco helps provide more value.
In addition, Ampco offers 10 different AC/AC+ Series pump models, all the way up to a maximum discharge pressure of 60 PSI/4 BAR and a maximum flow rate of 920 GPM. Four different seal options are available for different applications and performance standards. The AC/AC+ Series centrifugal pumps are most popularly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
For more information about Ampco’s AC/AC+ Series or to find the right pump for your specific application, contact Cortech Engineering today.