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BJM Pump Awarded Product of the Year in Plumbing & Wastewater Category

BJM Pump’s patent pending SKG Series with RAD-AX Dual Shredding Technology has received Product of the Year by Consulting Specifying Engineer Magazine. The technology developed for this pump was created with the plumbing and wastewater industry in mind. The pump is able to completely obliterate flushable wipes and other solids that have previously been very difficult to deal with in wastewater applications.
In order to accomplish this, the pump was manufactured to include these top features:

  • A robust construction to prevent downtime and reduce maintenance
  • Constructed of 440C Stainless Steel and a Rockwell hardness of 55C
  • Includes a volute design and a high solids impeller to make the pump efficient
  • Double mechanical seals that have been oil lubricated and a separate lip seal
  • An early warning moisture detection system through heavy duty SOOW power and a Seal Minder cable

In addition to these great features, the pump itself is constructed of hardened cast iron to enable it to stand up to rough handling and gritty water. This tough pump has maximum wear resistance and a long service life to keep your applications running smoothing for the long haul. With Class F motor insulation and winding protection, the pump is capable of performing well even if the motor temperature reaches 239°F. This functionality is superior to pumps with either a Class A or Class B insulation system. Then, if the pump does reach its temperature threshold, an automatic shutoff switch has been installed to turn the pump off. Once the motor cools down, it will automatically turn itself back on and resume its duties.
The capabilities and functionality of this pump make it no surprise that it came out at the top of its class. To order a product from BJM Pump, call Cortech today at (714) 779-0911 and speak with a friendly representative who can answer all of your questions and get your order processed. Enjoy using the BEST!