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Water Treatment Equipment Market Expected to Grow

Water purification filter equipment
As the need for a more sustainable water source grows, the need for the equipment to do so will increase as well. Current estimates believe the need for water treatment equipment will increase by 5.2% annually until the year 2019. This growth is due to the increasing interest in using both seawater and brackish water as a source of fresh water. While some efforts have been made in the past to accomplish this task, it was mainly done with chemicals that are really considered contaminants in and of themselves. Today, the industry is looking towards other types of equipment, including membrane systems and other distillation equipment.
While both the public and private sectors of water treatment are expected to grow, the focus will be on public sectors as they will be producing fresh water for the public in the largest quantities. With the emergence of new water desalination plants, bigger and better equipment is quickly becoming a desperate need. In addition, the droughts in California and Arizona are placing pressure on the industry to come up with fast solutions for creating fresh water for both irrigation and drinking.
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