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Blackmer Announces New Reciprocating Gas Compressors

Blackmer The arrival of the NG and NGS Series Reciprocating Gas Compressors from Blckmer have arrived! The compressors are best suited for use as a solution for applications in oil fields. The coveted Blackmer compressors are currently available and ready to be shipped.
Both the NG and NGS Series compressors were developed with optimal operational capabilities. Applications in oil fields require many crucial steps, and this compressor can be used by many of those including production and storage applications, wellhead vapor control and annulus gas head pressure reduction, gas gathering, gas blanketing, gas evacuation, flare elimination, tank-battery vapor recovery and control, and improved gas and oil recovery.
Currently, the NG Series compressors are available in eight different models and are some of the most durable and efficient compressors in the market. They are offered in single-stage or two-stage configurations and have been designed with the most advanced technology and materials available. Equipped with a standard double seal to provide the maximum performance while required a minimal amount of maintenance. In addition, the seal has been designed with a single distance piece between each set of seals on the piston rods. This offers advanced leakage control and eliminates the possibility of oil contamination in the compressed gas stream.
Lastly, the NGS Series compressors were specifically designed to handle sour gas with up to 8% dry hydrogen sulfide (H2S). These, too, are available in eight different models with either a single-stage or two-stage configuration. All models are equipped with a standard double seal. In addition, this series was manufactured with select NACE compliant parts in gas-containment areas and steel wrist pins to allow them greater compatibility with sour gas. This model is perfect for applications that experience severe operating conditions.
Blackmer is proud to announce the availability of these compressors, which can be ordered through Cortech.