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Grundfos Rolls Out High Efficiency Submersible Groundwater Pumps

A new, extended range line of high-efficiency pumps have recently been developed by leading pump manufacturer Grundfos. These pumps are SP submersible groundwater pumps that have been expanded from two to three sizes, and Grundfos has plans in the works to create even more sizes in the future. The added model is a four inch SP pump that has been constructed with stainless steel, enabling the pumps to accommodate many liquid types from drinking water to seawater.
Jakob Overgaard, the Global Product Manager at Grundfos, said, “We have invested substantially in extending the SP range and in new production facilities in Denmark, showing our commitment to the market for medium-sized submersible groundwater pumps. Grundfos is far ahead of current efficiency requirements, and our participation in driving energy efficiency initiatives ensures that industry standards are set as high as possible.” With their commitment to environmental standards, Grundfos pumps offer even more value than other pumps. In addition to their increased efficiency, Grundfos pumps also surpass the required MEI value of 0.04. This allows the pumps to reduce CO2 emissions and save substantially on pump operations.
The four-inch SP submersible groundwater pumps meet all drinking water standards and are ideal for applications including irrigation, groundwater supply to waterworks, and pressure boosting, They are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and have been developed with the most advanced hydraulic design available. Each pump is equipped with a monitoring and control system to optimize the pumps functionality.
Overgaard adds, “In addition to meeting the new Ecodesign Directive requirements, the potential for energy savings is substantial.” The value of this pump comes in assisting your company to be even more environmentally and energy conscious than ever at no additional operating cost to you – in fact, you will save money installing an SP submersible groundwater pump.
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