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International Desalination Association Hosts 2015 World Congress

This year, the International Desalination Association will be holding their World Congress in San Diego at the San Diego Convention Center. The IDA World Congress is held every two years, and has been since 1987, bringing together public and private sector leaders in desalination and water reuse treatments and processes. During the conference, attendees are able to meet with technology developers, researchers, suppliers, consultants, financial service providers, and engineers. Workshops and tours will be available at the World Conference to encourage collaboration, growth, and education regarding the newest abilities in desalination and water reuse processes. The IDA World Congress will take place from August 30th to September 4th.
The event has been held in San Diego once before in 1999, and Southern California is pleased to host the event once again in 2015. In the midst of the severe drought occurring in California, the importance of the IDA World Congress is particularly significant for this area. At the event, a tour of the soon-to-be commissioned Carlsbad desalination plant will be available. This plant is currently the largest plant in the Western Hemisphere that is able to desalinate seawater.
Several keynote speakers will be in attendance, and the focus will be on a few highlighted topics that are of high importance, including: environment and sustainability, water reuse and disinfection, industrial water and wastewater treatment, finance and project delivery, brackish and seawater water desalination, pre- and post-treatment, governance, thermal desalination, and plant operations and optimization.
If you are interested in desalination equipment and processes, this is an event you won’t want to miss. For more information, go to  http://wc.idadesal.org/.