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Blackmer Launches New Oil-Free Reciprocating Gas Compressor Line

Under normal conditions, vapors leak into various compartments of a pump when the pump is functioning. There’s nothing that can be done about this – until now. Blackmer has created a state-of-the-art, oil-free reciprocating gas compressor line to completely eliminate the transfer of vapors and oil from one chamber to the next during any application.
The new Blackmer HD943 and HDL943 compressors are uniquely designed to avoid any contamination from traveling vapors or oils. Each pump features a double-distance piece design with three individual sets of packing. This allows the pump to maintain the product purity of your application while also preventing any oil or vapors from moving back and forth in the compartments. For some applications, leakage is not a major or hazardous issue, but in other cases, the leakage can cause costly and damaging results. These Blackmer compressors were designed specifically for those types of applications. If maximum leak control is necessary in your application, then the new Blackmer LD943 or HDL943 is necessary, as well.
Blackmer HD943 and HDL943 compressors come with the option of including combinations of distance piece purging and venting. This ensures that the compressors are flexible. Flexibility is another key element that adds to their ability to prevent and control leakage.
In addition, the new pumps are manufactured with high-efficiency ductile-iron valves with PEEK valve plates, self-lubricating PTFE piston rings, and ductile-iron head and cylinders. Each piston rod is equipped with self-adjusting PTFE packing sets to offer maximum protection against leaks. These Blackmer compressors provide greater efficiency, increased performance, and even greater reliability than all of its predecessors.
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