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6 Facts about BJM RAD-AX™ Submersible Pumps

d264a3a381 The new BJM RAD-AX™ is unlike any other submersible pump. Solids that were once considered too difficult or flat out impossible to pump, are now being pumped at ease with this innovative and durable pump.
If you are looking for a pump to handle your toughest applications, here are six things you need to know about BJM RAD-AX™ Submersible Pumps:

  1. Can easily shred many different kinds of municipal and industrial wastewater solids – Most importantly, flushable wipes. Flushable wipes have become the bane of all wastewater and sewage facilities. They are hard to break down and pump through the systems needed to process sewage. While they have been catastrophic for multiple municipalities, they will be no more. The BJM RAD-AX™ Submersible Pumps can handle even flushable wipes with ease.
  2. Maximum wear resistance – The pumps are manufactured with hardened 440C stainless steel, which limits the amount of wear that occurs during normal operation. This allows the pumps to have an extremely long service life and be reliable and accurate for longer.
  3. Equipped with an automatic thermal switch – If the temperature of your application causes the pump’s temperature and/or amp draw to rise too high, the pump will automatically switch off to avoid overheating and/or damage. What’s even better is the pump will automatically turn back on once temperature and amp draw return to normal. No action is required by the operator.
  4. Available in 2, 3, and 5 HP – The options this pump provides allows it to fit into any application, large or small, and be the critical element to the success of your application.
  5. Innovative technology – As technology continually advances, BJM continually innovates ways to incorporate it into their pumps. This series is no different. The BJM RAD-AX™ Submersible Pumps are state-of-the-art and some of the most advanced pumps in their class.
  6. Oil-lubricated Double Mechanical Seals – When dealing with wastewater and sewage, the seals that keep the pump functioning at full capacity with no interruption truly count. These oil-lubricated double mechanical seals get the job done.

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