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Can Machine Learning Improve Predictive Pump Maintenance?

We’ve written previously about the advantages of using a data-driven approach to predictive maintenance. It can be an effective way to adapt to changing conditions, create a better preventative maintenance plan, extend the lifespan of equipment, and minimize the risk of major pump system failures. Now an even more advanced element could be a key part of predictive maintenance for pump operators: machine learning.

What is Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance?

Machine learning (ML) is essentially a type of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It works with predictive maintenance methods, gathering data from equipment sensors. Machine learning then applies advanced analytics to detect critical variables, predict failures, and optimize a pump system. The technology is constantly learning and studying patterns to provide operators with actionable maintenance steps.

Traditional predictive maintenance generally involves gathering from equipment sensors and monitoring systems. However, predetermined threshold limits enable the operator to predict when maintenance is required. This is also known as a “rules-based” predictive maintenance approach, and it can have its own limitations. With machine learning predictive maintenance, the rules are regularly updated based on the operating data, trends, and patterns the ML technology recognizes.

The Human Element

The most experienced operators know there is always room for the human element when optimizing a pump system and providing necessary maintenance. An artificially intelligent machine cannot hear, feel, see, or smell what humans can. A pump operator who has been working with equipment for a long time often knows when something is wrong long before it develops into something much worse. The slightest vibrations, a slight burning smell, or a visible leak are clear symptoms of a pump problem happening in real time. 

The Future of Pump Management?

Meanwhile, monitoring technology allows us to track important operating factors our senses may not pick up on. Predictive maintenance uses this collected data to improve maintenance planning and procedures. Machine learning predictive maintenance goes further with AI technology, providing advanced analytics that are continually being updated and reanalyzed with each collected data point. 

Machine learning predictive maintenance could be the preferred method for the future of pump operation, and many operators are utilizing this technology with great success. Technology will continue to change the way we operate. It’s important to find ways to embrace these advances, while still understanding old-school techniques and employing our physical training. Machine learning will be a valuable tool, but it won’t be the only weapon in your arsenal.

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