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How Versatile Are Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)?

At one point, variable frequency drive (VFD) systems were primarily used for fixed pumping applications with permanent mounts. However, pump technology continues to evolve. VFDs are more advanced than ever, and the technology will only get more impressive. Variable frequency drives have become quite versatile. Their usage spans several industries and pump applications, including temporary setups.

Benefits of VFDs

Enhanced speed control is always a desirable advantage for VFD operators. The equipment operates smoothly, and start-ups are softer than with traditional pump motors. Ultimately, the user has more flexibility with pump control. They can also optimize the pump system in terms of energy-efficiency, with programmable control features and real-time adjustments to changes in operating conditions. The long-term cost savings are proven when VFDs are operated to their fullest potential.

The Rapid Evolution of VFDs

Pumps with variable frequency drive motors have evolved with portable designs. They are easier to set up and transport to different sites for streamlined operations and improved operational efficiency. In the past, larger pump systems needed to have a VFD setup permanently affixed to a structure. VFDs were designed to have a smaller footprint because of this. Today’s VFDs offer more sizes and configurations. They can provide even more power and durability, with enhanced mobility and versatility.

Past VFDs also required more technical training and experience to operate. Fuel-driven motors were simpler to set up and use in diverse conditions. Variable frequency drive engineers understood those concerns and have worked to make modern VFDs designed for “plug and play” applications. There is less of a learning curve for operators to dial in a variable speed drive. Display screens are clear and easy to understand, handling all aspects of setup, programming, operation, and system monitoring. Everything you need to run the pump is at your fingertips. Plus, you have the other advantages of a VFD working for you.

Embracing New Pump Technology

Variable frequency drives are safer and smarter than ever before, whether you have a fixed-installation configuration or need something more mobile for your particular operation. If you have ignored VFDs in the past because of their limitations, you may want to reconsider based on how much this technology has evolved in recent years. 

All pump technology continues to evolve and advance. Many pieces of pump equipment and control systems have become more powerful, more adaptable, more energy-efficient, easier to maintain, and safer to operate. VFDs are no exception, and it’s impressive to see what the latest variable frequency drive designs can accomplish. Whether or not you switch to a VFD or alternate type of motor system for your application, looking for ways to upgrade and adapt can make a significant impact on your operation.

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