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Is Predictive Maintenance the Future of Pump Management?

In many ways, predictive maintenance has already shaped present-day pump management solutions. Predictive technology has streamlined monitoring, analysis, and maintenance processes for many operators across the globe. The right combination of monitoring and control systems with advanced AI analytics tools can dramatically improve the performance, productivity, and longevity of your pump equipment.  Ultimately, the proper […]

Are Diaphragm Seals Right for Your Pump System?

When it comes to choosing the right components for a pump system, one of the crucial decisions involves selecting the appropriate sealing technology. Diaphragm seals are a popular choice for many applications, but are they the right fit for your specific needs? It is important to understand the key considerations, benefits, and potential drawbacks of […]

What is Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment?

anaerobic wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment processes vary based on region, facility design, regulations, and treated water usage, generally consisting of three phases: Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Numerous factors can determine the secondary treatment process. Chemical oxygen demand (COD), biological oxygen demand (BOD), effluent quality, microbial concentration, and overall operating costs may all be considered, along with other […]

5 Maintenance Tips for Multistage Pumps

preventative maintenance

All pumps and rotating equipment require maintenance. Routine inspections, adjustments, lubrication, and part replacements are necessary if you want to keep your system running well and your equipment lasting longer. Multistage pumps are generally more complex than most standard single-stage pumps. This makes proper maintenance even more critical to ensure system optimization, reduced risk of […]

Electric vs. Pneumatic Actuators in Upstream Processes

electric actuators vs pneumatic actuators

Methane emissions are a serious concern in many industries, especially oil and gas production. The petroleum industry emits roughly 80 metric tons of methane on an annual basis, which represents as much as 40 percent of the methane emissions humans cause. Upstream oil and gas operations must take steps to reduce emissions.  Using electric actuators […]

Bearing Maintenance Steps for Your Pump Equipment

centrifugal pumps

Bearings play a critical role in the operation of any rotating equipment like pumps and mixers. In centrifugal pumps, they ensure smooth and consistent rotation of the impeller. A damaged or faulty bearing can lead to significant problems, including damage to the pump equipment itself. It is important to follow the right steps when it […]

The Keys to More Sustainable Pump Solutions

energy efficient pump systems

Sustainability is a word you hear often these days. Just about every business or municipality is exploring more sustainable solutions. The pump industry is no exception. We are seeing more and more DXP Pacific clients striving to achieve higher standards of sustainability when it comes to issues like environmental impact, renewable energy sources, longer equipment […]

7 Benefits of Pump System Automation

Centrifugal Pump Automation

Many aspects of pump operation can be automated. Advanced control systems, variable frequency drives (VFDs), predictive maintenance technology, and other tools can be utilized to optimize your system. This can reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, achieve better overall pumping results, and extend the life cycles of your pump equipment. Let’s take a more comprehensive look […]

How to Avoid Pump Cavitation

Cavitation is one of the biggest concerns for centrifugal pump operators. It is a serious problem that can cause significant damage to the impeller and other critical components throughout the pump system. Cavitation is an issue to avoid at all costs. Preventative measures can be taken to minimize the risk of cavitation. Then careful monitoring […]

4 Ways to Extend Your Water Pump Life

water pump's efficiency

Water pumps are commonly used in municipal water and wastewater treatment plants, various industries, and marine applications throughout the world. A variety of pumps are utilized to pump water because it is generally a neutral fluid. However, not all water is equal, and every pumping application brings unique challenges.  Water may contain different salinity levels, […]

What Is Predictive Pump Monitoring?

Predictive pump monitoring

Predictive pump monitoring is part of predictive maintenance planning. It is a technology-based approach to pump system monitoring and equipment management. It uses the latest technological resources to help operators monitor their equipment and vital components. Key performance data can be collected using advanced sensors. Then it can be cataloged and analyzed in real-time using […]

Centrifugal Pumps vs. Rotary Pumps: Understanding the Differences

centrifugal vs rotary pumps

With so many disparate types of pumps to consider, selecting the best one for your particular processing application can be challenging. It’s important to do your research before buying. This will ensure you procure the best pump for the job. Investing the time and money to make the right choice now can save you significant […]