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Is Predictive Maintenance the Future of Pump Management?

In many ways, predictive maintenance has already shaped present-day pump management solutions. Predictive technology has streamlined monitoring, analysis, and maintenance processes for many operators across the globe. The right combination of monitoring and control systems with advanced AI analytics tools can dramatically improve the performance, productivity, and longevity of your pump equipment.  Ultimately, the proper […]

5 Maintenance Tips for Multistage Pumps

preventative maintenance

All pumps and rotating equipment require maintenance. Routine inspections, adjustments, lubrication, and part replacements are necessary if you want to keep your system running well and your equipment lasting longer. Multistage pumps are generally more complex than most standard single-stage pumps. This makes proper maintenance even more critical to ensure system optimization, reduced risk of […]

Electric vs. Pneumatic Actuators in Upstream Processes

electric actuators vs pneumatic actuators

Methane emissions are a serious concern in many industries, especially oil and gas production. The petroleum industry emits roughly 80 metric tons of methane on an annual basis, which represents as much as 40 percent of the methane emissions humans cause. Upstream oil and gas operations must take steps to reduce emissions.  Using electric actuators […]

4 Ways to Extend Your Water Pump Life

water pump's efficiency

Water pumps are commonly used in municipal water and wastewater treatment plants, various industries, and marine applications throughout the world. A variety of pumps are utilized to pump water because it is generally a neutral fluid. However, not all water is equal, and every pumping application brings unique challenges.  Water may contain different salinity levels, […]

What Is Predictive Pump Monitoring?

Predictive pump monitoring

Predictive pump monitoring is part of predictive maintenance planning. It is a technology-based approach to pump system monitoring and equipment management. It uses the latest technological resources to help operators monitor their equipment and vital components. Key performance data can be collected using advanced sensors. Then it can be cataloged and analyzed in real-time using […]

Your Guide to Bearing Isolators

bearing isolator

Bearings are critical components in all rotating machinery. They provide vital support for rotating shafts in motors, pumps, and other equipment. It is imperative to maintain proper bearing health and performance if you want to avoid pump system failures. A worn or failing bearing will lead to significant problems. What Is a Bearing Isolator? One […]

The Importance of Pump Shaft Alignment

Shaft alignment is one of the most critical steps in the pump installation process. It is also something that must be inspected and tested regularly as part of a proper pump system maintenance plan. Many factors can affect pump shaft alignment. The slightest misalignment can cause significant problems during operation. These issues include poor equipment […]

How to Use Power Sensors to Improve Pump Efficiency

You can use many advanced sensors and monitoring devices to track important operating data for your pump system. When you pair these with analytics software and predictive maintenance strategies, you can employ this technology to your advantage. Your data can help you dial in your equipment and optimize your system for maximum operating efficiency. Pump […]

6 Benefits of a Centrifugal Pump for Chemical Processing

Centrifugal pumps commonly are used for many different processing applications in a variety of industries. Numerous centrifugal pumps are engineered specifically for chemical processing applications. They have specialized coatings, construction materials, and fittings for enhanced corrosion resistance. They are designed to handle harsh chemicals that might hinder optimized performance or cause excess wear and tear […]

8 Steps to Install a Mechanical Seal on a Centrifugal Pump

The mechanical seal is critical to the overall performance and durability of a centrifugal pump. It is designed to prevent fluid from leaking from the rotating shaft. Mechanicals seals feature two smooth and flat seal faces. One rotates with the shaft, while the other remains stationary with the pump casing. The seal faces are flexible […]

6 Ways to Make Your Pump System Piping More Efficient

If you’re looking to optimize your pump system, it goes well beyond the equipment you’re using. Many aspects of the line need to be analyzed and properly designed for maximum flow and energy efficiency. One of the most overlooked issues is often the piping itself. Is your piping system designed and built to achieve the […]

How to Prevent High Temperatures in High-Pressure Pumping Applications

Pumping applications that generate high pressures present a number of unique challenges. Increased pressure can damage the equipment or compromise the process fluid if the operation is not managed carefully. High pressures often lead to higher heat generation as well. Temperatures can rise within the pump and lead to overheating. This issue must be properly […]