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Components and Accessories for Milton Roy Metering Pumps

Once you’ve determined the right metering pump for your application, it is important to determine which system components and accessories you will need with your pump to maximize its potential. Because each application is different, Cortech Engineering is proud to offer Milton Roy metering pumps that include a multitude of add-ons to allow you to customize your pump to the specifications that are right for you. Currently, Milton Roy offers nine system components to make your pump suited for any and all of your applications:

  1. Safety Relief Valves – While most piping systems require external safety valves, the diaphragm pumps are also equipped with an internal safety valve to prevent overpressurization. We have safety relief valves to match all of our operating pressures, and they are available in specialty steel, 316 SS, alloy 20, and PVC.
  2. Back Pressure Valves – A back pressure valve is needed when the pumping process does not supply the minimum 25 psi above the suction pressure. All back pressure valves are available in specialty steel, 316 ss, alloy 20 and PVC.
  3. Pulsation Dampeners – The reciprocation motion of the pump creates a pulsating discharge flow that can be 90% eliminated by a pulsation dampener. Pulsation dampeners are available for pressures up to 1000 psi.
  4. Calibration Columns – To ensure proper operation, the pump calibration should be checked once the pump is installed and periodically after that, especially after maintenance is performed. The calibration columns allow you to constantly ensure pumping accuracy.
  5. Mixroy® Mixers – Proper mixing needs to occur to ensure accurate dosing, and to do this, Mixroy® mixers are the perfect solution. They are direct drive, high speed units that mix medium and low viscosity fluids while encouraging the dispersion of light solids.
  6. Tank Chemical Feed Systems – Milton Roy tanks are available in steel, stainless steel, and polyethylene, and can come equipped with pumps and mixers mounted, plumbed, and ready for installation.
  7. Strainers/Sludge Traps – Strainers and sludge traps that are installed in the suction line can protect the pump’s check valve from particles and other debris. Use a sludge trap when pumping concentrated sulfuric acid and a strainer when pumping fluid from replaceable drums. The option of a “Y” type strainer is also available for inline protection in standard systems.
  8. Chemical Dosing Systems – The “RoyPak” family of chemical dosing pre-engineered systems provides manual control in addition to all accessories that allow for proper operation. Also available are The RoyPak Setpoint, that can pace the dosing from your single input, and The RoyPak Setpoint Plus, which uses a line of instruments to provide a full closed-loop solution.
  9. Instruments – Water quality meters can be used as a stand-alone or in conjunction with the RoyPak system. They are used to determine water quality – including PH, DO (dissolved oxygen) ,chlorine residuals, ORP, and any other water quality measurements needed for your application.

Contact a Cortech representative today to order system components that will help you customize your metering pump.