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The Mechanics of a Milton Roy Metering Pump

MeteringPumpGroup-320x248 Milton Roy metering pumps come in many sizes to fit each and every need that arises. Having been manufacturing pumps since 1936, Milton Roy knows a thing or two about building a quality, effective, and long-lasting pump. Their metering pumps range in size to offer accurate and precise dose rates between 0.02 GPH and 2510 GPH. Among which we provide three unique metering pumps available to purchase:

  1. MacRoy Mechanically-Actuated Diaphragm Metering Pumps
  2. mRoy Hydraulically-Actuated Diaphragm Metering Pumps
  3. Milroyal High Performance Diaphragm Metering Pumps

Each of these pumps is manufactured with the same basic components to give you the functionality you recognize, but they all vary slightly to give you the customization you need for your individual projects. All three pumps come equipped with a:

  1. Driver – Generally, the driver is an AC constant speed motor, but other drivers, such as variable speed, pneumatic, and hydraulic, drivers can also be used.
  2. Driver Mechanism – The driver mechanism converts rotary motion to reciprocating movement. When purchasing an industrial duty pump, this section of the pump will be submerged in an oil bath to assure reliability because of the constant use the pump will receive.
  3. Flow Adjustment – Most metering pumps come with a micrometer screw adjustment that will vary stroke length, effective stroke length, or stroking speed. Should you want a different type of adjustment, an electronic or pneumatic actuator can replace the micrometer screw adjustment.
  4. Liquid End – Depending on the liquid that will be handled, the liquid end design and construction materials may vary. To ensure your pump works for you, everything is taken into consideration, such as temperature, corrosiveness, flow rate, fluid viscosity, and other components.

For more information about Milton Roy Metering Pumps, contact Cortech Engineering at 714 779-0911. We can help you choose the right pump for your business. To view more information about the pumps, check out this YouTube video for a more in-depth description.