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Flowserve’s Top 5 Industries

Cortech has been distributing Flowserve pump products for years due to its quality work and professional reputation. Their high standards for quality and customer service have made them one of the most respected brands of pumps out there. While Flowserve is proud to serve a multitude of industries and companies, here are the top 5 industries served:

  1. Oil and Gas – Flowserve plays a crucial role in assisting companies in extracting oil and natural gas from the Earth. Flowserve’s products and services are used around the globe to help drill, extract, transport, and refine the oil and gas that are harvested in every country and in every ocean in the world.
  2. Power Generation – Flowserve has worked closely with companies that produce power for decades. Their experience in the field has made them experts on fossil fuel, nuclear power, combined cycle, and renewable energy solutions. Their innovative technology allows power generation companies to create safer, more reliable solutions for their applications.
  3. Chemical Processing – When transporting or storing some of the world’s more corrosive and hazardous materials, Flowserve creates safe and effective methods of doing so for your company. Not only that, but their customer oriented engineers design and manufacture processes that reduce downtime and increase the performance of your application.
  4. Water Resources – Water is the Earth’s most precious resource and many places are struggling to find enough of it. Flowserve is continuously working towards the conservation effort, particularly in desalination processes. In addition, Flowserve makes it possible for millions of gallons of water to be transported where it is needed.
  5. General Industry – Flowserve works with all general industries to create efficient, productive, and individualized processes to help companies enhance their application’s performance.

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Flowserve is a top name in all of these industries and can make any system, process, or application work to its highest potential. To learn more about Flowserve or for more information about their products, contact a Cortech Customer Service Representative today.