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Cortech Product Feature: UNIBLOC-GP Gear Pump

Unibloc-Pump is one of the leading pump manufacturers and a longtime product partner of Cortech Engineering. Their pumps are precision-engineered to provide dependable performance and excellent durability despite the most demanding applications. This week, we are featuring the UNIBLOC-GP series of gear pumps.
About UNIBLOC-GP Gear Pumps
The foundational qualities of UNIBLOC-GP Gear Pumps are smooth flow, reliability and effortless maintenance. These pumps are easy-to-use and generate very consistent results. Each set of gears is precision-machined for uncompromised accuracy and top performance. Each pump is manufactured with high-grade materials, such as a stainless-steel pump head and the rugged design ensures that these gear pumps are extremely dependable. The pump head design is seamless and guaranteed to be porosity free. With a UNIBLOC-GP pump in your line, you rarely have to worry about downtime due to maintenance or repairs.
The UNIBLOC-GP pumps produce virtually zero-pulsation flow and incredible accuracy. These features are important when you want a consistent pumping action of your process media. UNIBLOC-GP gear pumps also include UNIBLOC’s signature QuickStrip design. This means that no extra tools are required for maintenance. These are the most serviceable gear pumps in the industry because they are very simple to clean and maintain.
Gear Options
UNIBLOC-GP gear pumps are available with both helical and spur gear designs, depending on your specific application. The gears are manufactured in a variety of materials, as well, including pure Teflon, a special Teflon/stainless-steel composite and various plastics.
UNIBLOC-GP gear pumps are ideal for a variety of industrial applications because of their dependable flow rate and ease of maintenance. Some of the most popular applications for UNIBLOC-GP pumps include the following industries:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Paint and Ink
  • Chemicals
  • Resins and Adhesives
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Specialty Food Processing

Looking for a UNIBLOC-GP pump for your application? One of our Cortech Engineering representatives will walk you through your pump options and select the ideal features for your needs. For more information about UNIBLOC-GP gear pumps and to get the right one for your specific application, contact Cortech Engineering today.