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Cortech Product Feature: UNIBLOC-PD Transport Pumps

Cortech Engineering represents many of the top pump manufacturers in the world. One of our most popular providers is Unibloc-Pump, who is known for their exceptional quality, proven performance and precision engineering. This week, we’d like to highlight the UNIBLOC-PD Transport Pumps.
About UNIBLOC-PD Transport Pumps
UNIBLOC-PD Transport Pumps (also known as UNIBLOC Road Tanker Pumps) are designed with durability in mind. These pumps are made to withstand heavy usage over time while retaining reliable performance for loading and unloading. The UNIBLOC-PD line of transport pumps is compact and lightweight with versatile mounting options available. These transport pumps are built to work hard and handle demanding applications in the food, beverage and chemical industries.
UNIBLOC-PD Transport Pumps feature fully-machined stainless-steel pump heads, front-loaded shaft seals, heavy-duty roller bearings, hydraulic drive mounts and oversized shafts for minimal deflection. Multiple rotors and relieve valve options are available for this pump as well. Transport pumps are capable of producing high pressure, depending on your particular application demands.
Food & Beverage Pumps
Unibloc-Pump manufactures PD Transport Pumps specifically for the food and beverage industry with 3A sanitary designs. Various options are available to meet your specific pumping needs, including an aluminum or stainless-steel bearing housing, multiple seal and rotor options and jacketed pump heads. Application-specific shaft seals can be added on, as well, which means these pumps have exceptional versatility.
Chemical Pumps
Unibloc-Pump also manufactures PD Transport Pumps for the chemical industry with ATEX certified designs. Similar to the food and beverage specified pumps, options are available to handle your specific mounting and application needs. Chemical pump options include a fully-machined stainless-steel bearing housing, application-specific shaft seals, dual-coated gearbox and different types of mechanical seals and rotors. For instance, you can choose from front-loaded mechanical seals or inert, PTFE O-Lip seals. Tri-Lobe rotors are also available when you need high-speed performance.
It’s easy to see why the UNIBLOC-PD Transport Pumps are some of the hardest-working pumps in the world. They are efficiently designed for maximum performance and durability, with a long-term transport of food, beverages or chemicals in mind.
To learn more about Unibloc-Pump and their PD line of transport pumps, contact Cortech Engineering today. We’ll help you find the best UNIBLOC-PD Transport Pump for your commercial or industrial application, including the ideal options for your specific needs.