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Cortech Product Feature – Unibloc-PD Rotary Lobe Pump

Unibloc-Pump is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers and Cortech offers all the Unibloc-Pump equipment and accessories you need. Depending on your application, our pump experts will help you find the right Unibloc-Pump setup for the job. In this article, we are featuring the exceptional Unibloc-PD rotary lobe pump, which is one of our most popular products.
Sanitary Excellence
When it comes to sanitary pumps, Unibloc-Pump is leading the way. The Unibloc-PD lines of pumps include gear and rotary lobe pumps, which are designed to handle a wide variety of demanding applications. They are most commonly used in food processing, chemical transfer and water/wastewater treatment due to their sanitary designs and functionality.
Designed for Performance
The Unibloc-PD offers a compact design that features a fully machined gearbox at its core. This makes the pump more reliable and durable in the field. Depending on your desired application, you can find the Unibloc-PD pumps available in a range of different sizes.
Unibloc-PD pump heads are precision-machined from solid stainless steel, which provide a seamless and porosity-free design, making it the cleanest CIP/SIP pump in the industry. Unibloc-PD pumps also utilize Unibloc-Pump’s patented VSM technology, which allows the pump head to fit any seal type. The rotors, shafts and bearing housings of these rotary lobe pumps are also expertly engineered and made from high-grade materials to ensure excellent performance and a longer pump life.
Unibloc-PD Rotary Lobe Pumps at Cortech
Through their innovative designs, Unibloc-Pump systems are precisely engineered to provide a smooth, low shear performance without sacrificing product integrity. When you have a processing application that requires dependable performance, ease of use and highly sanitary results, look no further than the Unibloc-PD line of pumps.
For more information about Unibloc-PD pumps and how to get the right set-up for your specific application, contact Cortech Engineering today. We’ll walk you through all your options to get you the best pump for your needs.