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The Advantages of INOXPA’s PROLAC HCP Centrifugal Pump Line

INOXPA, one of Cortech Engineering’s premier pump suppliers, makes a wide variety of exceptional pumps and accessories. In particular, their PROLAC HCP Centrifugal Pump is designed specifically for applications requiring a high level of hygiene, protection from contaminants and gentle handling throughout the pumping process. Because of its unique features, those in the dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries are the ideal users of the INOXPA PROLAC HCP line of centrifugal pumps.
Quality Construction
Each PROLAC HCP pump is made with a cold-formed stainless steel casing that prevents contaminating factors from entering the pump motor and processing chambers. Inside, it features an impeller, pump cover, mechanical seal, lantern and shaft, which is connected to the motor shaft by mechanical compression.
The motor is protected by a stainless steel shroud, which complies with IEC standards. The INOXPA centrifugal pumps are also EHEDG certified as they are designed for CIP/SIP without requiring disassembly.
Options and Adjustments
INOXPA PROLAC HCP centrifugal pumps are internally built with a single mechanical seal. This seal provides balance and hygienic protection from outside media. Gaskets are in EPDM, the stationary part is made from carbon and the rotary part is constructed with silicon carbide. There are various options available for these pumps, including FPM gaskets and a complete silicon carbide mechanical seal set-up. Double mechanical seals are also available for upgrading and simplifying maintenance.
On the exterior, the INOXPA PROLAC HCP pumps have adjustable hygienic-designed legs to fit any height requirement. This helps make the INOXPA PROLAC HCP centrifugal pump very adaptable to different installation situations.
Whether you’re in the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry, the INOXPA PROLAC HCP line of hygienic centrifugal pumps can provide the best pumping process for your needs. To learn more about INOXPA and their PROLAC HCP line, contact Cortech Engineering today. We’ll help you get the right pump for your specific application.