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Learn More About Our Product Partner, Unibloc-Pump

Unibloc-Pump is best known for its sanitary pumps, valves and strainers used in a variety of applications, including food processing, pharmaceuticals and chemical transfer. Their innovative pumps have durable construction and dependable performance. Quite simply, they provide some of the best pumps available on the market. Cortech Engineering is proud to have Unibloc-Pump as one of our leading pump suppliers. Continue reading to learn more about who they are as a company and what their products can offer.
Company Profile
Founded in 1984, Unibloc-Pump was originally named Flowtech Division before changing their name to what it is now. They have always had a strong reputation for exceptional customer service and quality products.
One of their most revolutionary pumps is the UNIBLOC-PD line of rotary lobe pumps. These incredible pumps have set the industry standard when it comes to high-performance sanitary pumps. It is extremely versatile and adaptable to different installation set-ups and applications. It is also known to be very reliable and durable despite taking on some demanding materials.
Sanitary Pump Performance
When you need a sanitary pump that is easy to install, maintain and keep clean no matter what you are pumping through it, then Unibloc-Pump is the brand to use. They are top of the line in the sanitary pump industry. You can count on exceptional performance, long-lasting durability, precision engineering and quality craftsmanship. All of their pumps are designed with excellent materials, including stainless steel for optimal sanitary conditions and minimal shearing.
Cortech is Your Unibloc-Pump Resource
Cortech Engineering is proud to carry on Unibloc-Pump’s reputation for exceptional customer service and support. We are an exclusive provider of pumps, valves, strainers and other accessories from Unibloc-Pump. We can help you determine which pump is right for you and get a customized set up to meet your specific applications.
Interested in learning more about Unibloc-Pump products? Contact Cortech Engineering today for more information on their products and let us show you how they can make a difference for you.