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EcoVerde Removes Odor from Water Through Bacteria

EcoVerde began as an odor removal service in the United States and has since expanded to Mexico. Each and every solution EcoVerde produced for odor removal adhered to the strict regulations of the United States for the types of chemicals and equipment that could be used for the process. Since then, EcoVerde has worked tirelessly to create an odor removal system that is better for the environment while still being a smart solution for the company using it. Most recently, EcoVerde has announced and started using a technique that removes odor from wastewater using bacteria.

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The bacteria used in the process feeds on hydrogen sulfide, which is what gives wastewater that distinct rotten egg-like smell. Where chemicals were previously needed to remove this smell, the company has discovered that a certain bacteria feeds on this chemical compound. The result is an all-natural and waste free system of removing the odor-causing agent from wastewater.
The process works by sucking in the contaminated air from the wastewater and causing it to evaporate. This allows the odor causing agents to be separated from the water molecules. The contaminants are then forced into a filter where the bacteria are kept, and they begin to feed on the contaminants. Very quickly and without producing any waste, the bacteria are able to completely eliminate the odor causing agents leaving only the odor free water molecules. The system is great for the environment and great for the company using the specialized bioscrubber from EcoVerde.

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If your application has an odor problem, the bioscrubber from EcoVerde is the perfect solution for eliminating that odor in an environmentally and financially conscious manner. Call Cortech today for more details or to order the EcoVerde bioscrubber.