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Seepex Provides Solutions to UK's Largest Wastewater Treatment Plant in West London

LONDON, UK - SEPTEMBER 28, 2015: Panoramic view of River Thames
Seepex pumps are known around the world for their reliability, durability, and strength. They are also sought after for their ability to handle large, tough applications with ease. This is why Thames Water, one of the largest wastewater treatment companies in the UK, contacted Seepex when they needed to renovate one of their largest facilities in West London.

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The wastewater treatment plant in West London treats water for nearly 2.1 million residents; renovating the plant would be no easy feat. The original plant was designed and built in the 1930s. While it was built to last and has done a great job serving the city, expansions were needed to keep up with the continually growing population, especially the growth that has occurred since 1930. Thames water needed a company that could provide the best pumps available, in addition to exceptional customer service. The choice was clear: Seepex.

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Seepex tailor engineered each and every pump for the new system. The system needed pumps that could pump liquids, slurries, and sludge all at different temperatures and for different lengths of travel. The experience of the Seepex engineers allowed the pump manufacturer to provide all of these things for Thames Water with incredible precision and efficiency.

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Cortech is the largest distributor of Seepex pumps and is proud to offer customer service known the world over. For all projects completed, Cortech will provide training and maintenance on all of the pumps and systems set up to help educate your team and make sure everything is running smoothly. Monthly service and maintenance are covered for the first few months of operation to ensure the client is fully satisfied and comfortable with the work performed. Though, we have no doubt the client will be nothing short of thrilled.