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The BJM Pumps Direct In-Line Pumping System Delivers Results

There are many challenges associated with wastewater pumping systems. When a pump isn’t performing as it should, it can be extremely frustrating. The horrific smells. The constant clogging and cleaning that’s needed. The nasty muck and residues filling your wet well. It’s enough to drive any operator crazy!
The BJM Pumps Direct In-Line Pumping System
BJM Pumps set out to resolve these problems and deliver more consistent, reliable results in wastewater pumping systems. That’s why they developed their Direct In-Line Pumping System to eliminate the issues that plague wastewater operations. It is a true innovation in pump technology.
The BJM Pumps Direct In-Line Pumping System essentially eliminates the problems of wet wells by providing a dry solution. It is self-cleaning and requires minimal maintenance. Effluent feeds directly into the point of entry without the need for water loading or a wet well. This ingenious design averts dangerous gases like H2S, eliminates odors, prevents accumulation of sand and grease and minimizes equipment corrosion. The design eliminates worry about obstructed float switches, pulling pumps or climbing into the wet well for repairs and maintenance. Ultimately, it is a much safer pump system that cuts down on maintenance costs and time.
Features and Benefits
The Direct In-Line Pumping System works so efficiently thanks to several key features and benefits. First is the ability to allow for Variable Speed Drives. This saves energy and provides continuous modulated pumping directly from the effluent inlet. BJM Pumps’ patented impeller effectively works as a shredder. It can change direction of rotation in order to cut fibrous materials and shred other solids. The result is a more consistent flow-through. The impeller system is also self-cleaning, which is a huge advantage when it comes to maintenance.
Other key benefits of the BJM Pumps Direct In-Line Pumping System include:

  • Remote control management through SCADA System
  • Reduced clogging
  • Immersible IP67 IE3 motors for optimal performance ratings
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can be retrofitted to old systems or installed as a new system
  • Excellent safety standards

Improve Your Operation
If you have a wastewater operation, you need a pumping system you can depend on to eliminate problems and maintain peak performance despite challenging conditions. You need a Direct In-Line Pumping System from BJM Pumps.
To learn more about the BJM Pumps Direct In-Line Pumping system and other BJM Pumps products that can help your wastewater operation, contact Cortech Engineering. We’ll help you make the right decisions and configure the best pump systems for your specific applications. Call us today or visit our website for additional information.