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Grundfos Engineer Reports Packaged Pump Systems Save Energy

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No matter what your application is, your goal is to have the best system with the best pumps, working at the greatest efficiency for the lowest cost. But, sometimes, it is hard to determine how to get all of these factors to line up properly for your ideal pumping system. Engineers at Grundfos have determined that packaged pump systems work to make your application as efficient as possible while saving money, allowing all of these aspects to come into alignment.
In many cases, packaged pump systems can save up to 70% of the energy needed to run systems that are currently installed. A packaged pump system is one that comes will all of the necessary components to run the system all in the same box. Generally, all the consumer needs to do is attach the packaged pump system to power and the suction and discharge piping. This alone is a benefit for most users.
Next, pumping systems are tested for leaks and functionality before they leave the manufacturer to ensure they are in proper working order before they are sent to the consumer. With built-up pumps, there is always the chance that something could go wrong along the way, and the consumer will be responsible for determining and fixing the issue.
Most importantly, pump systems can be tailored to your specific application to be sure each and every part of the system is functioning at peak efficiency. You can determine if two pumps would be more efficient than one, as the Grundfos engineers determined and discovered in one consumer’s particular application. This sort of fine tuning allows cost and energy savings to be transferred to the customer – the end user.
All of the findings and details of the research completed by Grundfos engineers can be found in this article, written by the engineers themselves. If you are concerned about the efficiency of your pumping system, Cortech would be happy to help you determine which packaged pump system from Grundfos would work best for your particular application.