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Water Treatment While Hiking

water filtration
Most day hikers are not in need of any sort of water filtration or treatment because they can bring enough water from home for the duration of their hike. However, if you plan to go hiking for multiple days in the backcountry, some method of water filtration or treatment will be needed. The water that is pumped into our homes everyday has been treated at the county water treatment plant before reaching our homes. This is what makes the water safe to drink. To get the water to that point out in the wilderness, personal water treatment methods are required.
Personal water treatment can be performed in multiple ways. The use of filters, purifiers, chemicals, and UV lights are the most common. The most basic, but most time consuming method, is bringing water to a boil for at least one minute. There are pros and cons to all of the different types, but the most important thing about each and every one is to be sure they will eliminate bacteria and viruses that are found in streams and rivers.
While it may seem like water from secluded streams and rivers is purer than anything we can get in our homes, the reality is, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The way this occurs is through feces, both animal and human. You won’t be able to see the bacteria living in the water, but should animal feces enter the water, your drinking water will be contaminated. For this reason, it is important to treat all water, even if it looks exceptionally clean. If you don’t, you run the risk of getting sick with diarrhea, cramps, and/or vomiting.
Just as water needs to be treated in the wilderness, the water that we use everyday needs to be treated as well. If your company needs solutions for any sort of industrial water treatment applications, Cortech can help. We offer one of the largest selections of brands and pumps for all types of water treatment applications. Call Cortech at (714) 779-0911 or (661) 322-9800 to determine the right plan for your needs and to get started with a state-of-the-art water treatment solution today.