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Pump Market Predicted to Grow 6% Per Year in the Coming Years

water pump
Water pumps are in high demand, especially ones that aid in completing systems designed to reuse and recycle water. Water is becoming a scarce commodity throughout the world, and the need to develop sustainable and practical ways of recycling the water we use on an everyday basis is looming. As mored and more companies innovate new and groundbreaking systems to cleanse potable water to fresh drinking water, the more need they have for water pumps. This need is already being seen in the rise in purchases of water pumps worldwide. And this is just the beginning.
Based on market data research, the sale of water pumps is estimated to rise about 6% each year from now until 2020. Every country is desperately trying to figure out a way to conserve water and make it reusable. Looking forward, the Chinese government has allocated $60 billion to improve the urban wastewater system throughout the country. This amount shows the country’s desire to find a viable and sustainable way of purifying water for drinking. Not only this, but it is certain that some of this money will have to be spent on water pumps in order to make this sort of effort possible.
In addition to China, India is rapidly expanding its ability to change and update their wastewater treatment throughout the country. While India may be spending less dollar for dollar than China in the next five years, it is expected that India’s spending on water pumps will see a much higher percentage increase over its previous expenditures than any other country in the world.
Finally, other places in Asia and in Africa are updating or completely redoing existing irrigation systems to better serve their growing populations. The need for clean drinking water is always a top priority in any country, and industrial water pumps are the only way to accomplish this goal effectively.
Cortech is proud to offer pumps that make all of these solutions a reality for companies and countries around the world. As more and more wastewater treatment applications are being discovered and utilized, Cortech has been at the forefront of development and offering ability for any system.