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JWC Monster Grinder Prevents Disaster After Macerator Explosion

The Coeur D’Alene Wastewater Treatment Plant was having some problems with their macerators. The durability of their sludge macerators was not at the level it needed to be at. After continual issues, one of the macerators exploded in the basement of the treatment plant.
Upon investigation of the issue, the plant discovered that not only were they using subpar macerators, but someone has misread the maximum pressure as 150 psi when the actual maximum pressure was 30 psi. The combination of these two things caused one of the macerators to explode. The explosion left sludge all over the basement floor. To clean up the mess, a Monster Industrial Muffin Monster® grinder was taken out of their back-up supplies and set up for use. The plant employees were so impressed with the functionality and performance of the Muffin Monster® grinder that they replaced the other macerator with a Muffin Monster® and ordered two more to keep on hand in the plant.
Not only was the Coeur D’Alene crew impressed with the performance of the grinder, but they were also impressed with its durability and sustainability. Previously, the crew was performing maintenance on their macerators once every five days. With their new Monster Industrial grinders, they could visually inspect them every few weeks, but very rarely had to perform any actual maintenance.
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