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How High-Temperature Submersible Pumps Can Be a Smart Solution

High temperatures in the water systems of large commercial buildings and industrial operations can pose numerous challenges. Each building will have unique engineering considerations arising from features such as how the building is heated and how its hot water is generated. System components will vary if the building is fed from a regional steam plant or if it has its own boilers. A system needs to include components that can handle the heat.

When hot water and other hot fluids are involved in any building or operation, a high-temperature submersible pump is a necessity. They are comprised of two components: a water pump and a three-phase asynchronous motor. The construction of these pumps ensures that there is no direct contact between the coolant inside the motor and the hot liquid medium being pumped.

Cortech is proud to offer sales and service of products from BJM Pumps, one of the leading manufacturers of high-temperature submersible pumps. There are many different types of these pumps, and many potential applications for them. Let’s look at a couple different examples of where high-temperature pumps can really make a difference:

Steam Distribution Systems

Steam distribution networks are common in older cities. They pipe steam to commercial buildings around town through a basement or utility room. Steam is a very efficient heat source, but it is not without its challenges. Many pumps simply cannot handle the high temperatures as the collected water usually sits around 160-180 °F. There may also be a certain amount of alkalinity in the water that will break down into carbon dioxide and hydroxyl under heat and pressure.

A high-temperature submersible pump alleviates the high pressures caused by steam and the settling of the heated water. It can lead to less breakdowns and improved safety in steam-powered systems.

Boiler Blowdowns

Other commercial buildings may use a boiler system. Boiler blowdowns will pump water from a boiler while adjusting chemicals along the way. The wastewater produced typically will include chemicals and corrosive materials that can be better handled by a high-temperature submersible pump.

The Fahrenheit Series of high-temperature submersible pumps from BJM Pumps are an ideal solution. They can handle temperatures up to 200 °F. They have specialized seals and O-rings to withstand hotter temperatures and high pressures. In addition, they also have 316 stainless steel construction that makes them impervious to corrosive liquids. To learn more about the BJM Pumps Fahrenheit Series and to get the right high-temperature submersible pump for your commercial building or industrial operation, contact Cortech today. We have the answers, information and guidance you need to make the right pump decisions.