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What is a Magnetic Drive Pump?

Over the past few decades, magnetic drive pumps have played prominent roles in solving hazardous pumping applications. Oftentimes, sealless magnetic drive pumps have been chosen over traditional sealed pump designs for their reliability and fewer leak paths. But, how do magnetic drive pumps work and what makes them so advantageous? Read on to learn more.
How a Magnetic Drive Pump Works
A magnetic drive pump is different than a standard centrifugal pump, which makes it ideal for certain applications and process materials. In a normal centrifugal pump, the drive shaft is connected to the impeller through the pump housing. This creates a necessity for some type of seal at that point where the drive shaft enters the housing.
However, in a magnetic drive pump, the impeller and pumped fluid are contained inside a hermetically sealed housing. The drive shaft rotates a specialized assembly of magnets located outside the housing. A matching ring of magnets is attached to a shaft on the impeller on the inside of the housing. The magnets react with one another to create a repetitive pumping motion without the drive shaft having to enter the housing. This means fewer chances of seal failure and better overall vacuum pressure.
Advantages of Magnetic Drive Pumps
Due to environmental concerns and increased regulations, magnetic drive pumps have become more and more popular due to their green and efficient pumping technology. The hermetic seal is not subject to wear from moving parts and they’re suited for applications when leakage cannot be tolerated. Other advantages of magnetic drive pumps include:

  • Lower Mass for Specific Torque – Magnetic drive pumps can be smaller and less complex because less mass is required to maintain specific torque levels during operation.
  • Improved Temperature Stability – Most magnetic drive pumps use rare earth alloy magnets as opposed to traditional iron magnets, which helps reduce increases in temperatures.
  • Increased Power and Efficiency – Magnetic drive pump technology allows for better power and efficiency, and the smaller pump size takes up less space.

Anismag Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps
Anismag is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of sealless magnetic drive pumps. They specialize in non-metallic housing designs that are simple, effective, easy to maintain and affordable. They are convenient to install and extremely reliable. Anismag sealless magnetic drive pump series include:

  • KMLF Low Flow – For low-flow acidic and corrosive applications.
  • K Plus – Centrifugal and end suction pump for chemical processing.
  • KV – Vertical single-stage non-metallic for corrosive/acidic applications in steel and chemical industries.
  • KM – Generates flows up to 147 GPM for general industry and chemical processing.
  • KP – Handles flows up to 285 GPM for the most acidic and corrosive transfer applications.

Anismag pumps also feature a cutting-edge rear casing design that minimizes energy costs to run the pump, and they meet all AMSE, ANSI and EFTE standards.
Count on Cortech Engineering
As a proud product partner of Anismag and our team will help you make sound decisions when it comes to your industrial pumping needs. To learn more about Anismag sealless magnetic drive pumps and to find the right solution for your particular processing needs, contact Cortech Engineering today.