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Product Feature: INOXPA RVN Screw Centrifugal Pump

The INOXPA RVN centrifugal pump is one of the most popular pumps in the food processing industry. Cortech Engineering is a proud product partner with INOXPA and we’ve helped many of our clients take advantage of the excellent engineering and unique design of the RVN series of centrifugal pumps.
The INOXPA RVN line of pumps is compact in design while providing high efficiency and low energy consumption. The pumps are manufactured with a mechanical seal, lantern, a pump casing with a drain port and a shaft that’s connected using mechanical compression.
The stationary and rotary parts are made with silicone carbide, and the gaskets are in EPDM. All steel parts are crafted with certified stainless steel for minimal wear and a maximum lifespan. The RVN centrifugal pump is designed with an internal single mechanical seal as well. FPM and PTFE gaskets are available optional components, along with a stainless steel trolley.
Helicoid Impeller Design
The INOXPA RVN pump is designed with a helicoid-shaped impeller, which enables it to transfer liquids with solid particles, as well as medium-viscosity materials. This impeller optimizes the flow without any obstruction within the pump, therefore allowing the solid particles to pass through, free of damage. Most ordinary centrifugal pumps cannot handle these types of products, which is why a specialty pump like the INOXPA RVN is so valuable for specific food processing and other similar industrial applications.
Food Processing Applications
Food processing companies prefer the INOXPA RVN centrifugal pump due to its helicoid impeller and the fact that it’s ideal for handling solid materials suspended in water. Some of the most common applications include transferring whole and partial pieces of fruit, vegetables, fish and more.
INOXPA RVN pumps are especially popular with wineries. They offer the ideal pump-over process with high capacity. At the same time, they result in minimal destruction of the solid parts such as the seeds and skins of the grapes being transferred. The pump design also allows for better tannin extraction. This is what provides the color of the wine during the vinification phases.
Cortech – Your INOXPA Pump Resource
Our team can help you determine if this is the right pump for your application and assist in any of your other pump buying decisions. To learn more about the INOXPA RVN centrifugal pump line, contact us today.