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Key Benefits of the Seepex Progressive Cavity Pump

Cortech is proud to offer Seepex progressive cavity pumps of the product group N, available in three rotor/stator geometries: conventional, 6L, and Tricam. They’re useful for thin or viscous media, with solids or without.
Pump Features
All Seepex progressive cavity pumps produce a controlled flow with minimal pulsation. You do not need pulsation dampeners or compensators. They are self-priming with air or gas liquid mixtures up to 9 m (29.5’) of water. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and the suction casing can be rotated. The direction of both the rotation and the flow are reversible. Its capacity is 30 l/h–500 m3 /h (0.13 GPM–2200 GPM) and can withstand pressure up to 48 bar (720 psi).
Pumps in the BN range have flange-mounted drives, so that no separate pump bearing is needed. The pump is also therefore more compact and less expensive. Pumps in the NS range have a universal drive configuration. Their design also includes a drive casing and a free shaft end, and an elastic coupling or V-belt. Both ranges have service-friendly replacement of the rotating parts and the shaft sealing thanks to a simple plug-in shaft connection between drive and the rotating unit.
Top Industries
You should consider one of these pumps for any of these industries:

  • agriculture
  • ceramics
  • chemical and biochemical
  • construction
  • dyeing and varnishing
  • electroplating
  • environment technology
  • fish industry
  • food and beverage
  • mining
  • nonmetallic minerals
  • oil production and offshore technology
  • petrochemicals
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetics
  • pulp and paper industry
  • shipbuilding
  • sugar industry
  • supply and waste disposal
  • textile industry
  • vehicle construction
  • wood processing

Learn More
We have posted a product brochure with further details on our Seepex page. Also read our recent blog that features a video comparison of the progressive cavity pump with another competitor pump. Fourteen US wastewater treatment plant operators performed a basic maintenance task on both, and all of them preferred Seepex.
Find the Right Seepex Pump For Your Needs
Choosing the right progressive cavity pump is easy. The customer service representatives at Cortech are trained in all Seepex products and are ready to talk about the pumping solutions that we offer. Give us a call today.