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KSB’s Eta Pumps Offer Flexible Solutions

The Eta series of pumps has been around for decades. It’s one of KSB’s most popular pump lines, and Eta pumps are easily the world’s most-utilized in the field of water processing applications. Even as pump technology has continued to change over the years, the core design of Eta pumps has established itself as a classic workhorse.
Endless Variants & Configurations
One of the things that makes KSB Eta pumps so effective and popular is the optimized hydraulic design that provides excellent pumping efficiency. In addition, the modular configurations offer almost infinite variant combinations. Each pump produced by KSB is manufactured specifically to the requirements of the customer. With about 1.5 million Eta pumps in use worldwide, KSB’s customization standards are .
Optimum Operating Efficiency
There are 43 different pump sizes in the Eta family, which can be run with 2-, 4- or 6-pole motors. Additional sizes were created so that each pump can be built to achieve the best efficiency point for the application in which it is being used. Each Eta pump impeller is trimmed and fitted precisely by KSB based on the optimum operating point. In addition, a large variety of pump materials are available to match any fluid being handled.
KSB Eta pumps are perfectly refined pieces of equipment, tailored to the specifications of the user. Though most popular in water supply applications, they are also found in energy supply and in the building services sector (among other industries).
Exceptional Service Standards
With their custom configurations and application-specific manufacturing standards, you’d think that it takes a long time for KSB to manufacture each Eta pump. You might also assume that replacement parts might be harder to track down. These issues are simply not the case. In fact, KSB is known for its exceptional customer service and quick response. When you need a new pump or part, they have you covered. Though each one is custom-configured, the modular designs allow for easy adjustments, repairs and upgrades, with components readily available as needed.
We also mentioned the pumping efficiency of KSB Eta pumps. The truth is, these pumps are already meeting energy-efficiency standards well beyond anything currently required. KSB likes to say they are already meeting the demanding energy standards of tomorrow with the Eta series. Maximum energy savings are achieved through KSB’s PumpDrive variable speed operation that works in conjunction with KSB’s high-efficiency SuPremE motors (class IE4 efficiency).
To learn more about KSB Eta series of high-efficiency custom-configured pumps, contact Cortech Engineering today. We’ll help you get the right size pump, materials and configurations to meet your specific needs.