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SEEPEX Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) Reduces Pump Maintenance

We’ve all heard of smartphones, smart TVs and even smart refrigerators. But did you know that there are now smart pumps? SEEPEX, an innovator in the pump industry and a proud product partner of Cortech Engineering, brings us smart pumps designed for various industrial applications.
One of their most innovative designs is their Smart Conveying Technology (SCT). Prior to development, the idea for SCT was to reduce maintenance and downtime, while also extending the life cycle of the pumps themselves. Thus, SCT was developed and refined by SEEPEX engineers.
Applications and Awards
SEEPEX pumps with SCT are utilized in a wide variety of applications worldwide. They can be found in just about every industry and they are designed to stand up to some of the most demanding operations and challenging process media. The patented SEEPEX 1-stage design has earned many awards.
SEEPEX pumps with SCT are available with the standard 1-stage design for pressures up to 4 bar, as well as the 2-stage design for pressures up to 8 bar.
Features and Benefits of SCT
One of the most innovative features of SEEPEX pumps with SCT is that the rotor/stator sealing line is adjustable. This allows you to suit the pump for any specific application and compensate for wear. This feature alone helps lead to more than double the lifetime of the rotor and stator. Maintenance time for the rotor and stator are also reduced by up to 85 percent!
Here are some of the other benefits you can expect with SEEPEX SCT:

  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Integrated tensioning device
  • Extended rotor and stator life
  • Less downtime
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Two-piece Smart Stator and quick-release Smart Rotor (no need to remove pipework)
  • Small footprint for all service activities

To learn more about SEEPEX and their pumps with Smart Conveying Technology (SCT), contact Cortech Engineering today. We’ll give you all the information and advice you need to get the right SCT pumps for your operation.