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The Benefits of Electric Submersible Pumps

Electric submersible pumps (ESP) are very popular in the oil and gas industry, as well as in other applications. They produce an effective artificial lift method that allows users to pump process fluids to the surface. Over the years, Cortech Engineering has seen the ESP technology evolve and lead to pumps that require very low maintenance and offer cost-effective alternatives to vertical turbine, split case and positive displacement pumps.
Electric submersible pumps are extremely effective in the more challenging well situations, including:

  • Low bottomhole pressure
  • Low bubblepoint
  • Low gas/oil ratio
  • High water cut
  • Low API gravity fluids

What is Artificial Lift?
Artificial lift is the process of increasing the flow of liquids to the surface of the production well. More than 60 percent of oil wells require some kind of assisted lift technology, and electric submersible pumps are growing in popularity because they provide this result in a very effective and efficient way. They are generally considered for high-volume applications and work very well at great depths.
ESP systems provide specific solutions for a wide range of surface fluid-movement applications. With a direct-drive, multistage centrifugal design, they are ideal for many high-pressure, low-to-medium volume and environmentally-sensitive applications, such as:

  • Produced water disposal
  • Waterflood injection
  • Produced water injection
  • Condensate transfer
  • Pipeline booster
  • Wash water circulation
  • Crude oil transfer
  • FPSO fluid handling
  • CO2 flood injection/booster
  • NGL/propane, ethane, amine and other gas services
  • Power fluid pumps for downhole jet/hydraulic pumps

SEEPEX Electric Semi-Submersible Pumps
SEEPEX offers the Group E line of electric semi-submersible pumps that are very easy to install and maintain. They are self-priming and provide a steady, low-pulsation flow designed to handle liquids of varying viscosities—even abrasive and aggressive materials. If you have shear-sensitive products, SEEPEX semi-submersible pumps offer gentle pumping action and increase available NPSH value.
When you need a dependable electric submersible pump system, Cortech Engineering can help you get all the SEEPEX ESP equipment you need for your demanding applications. Contact us today for more information about the SEEPEX Group E line of semi-submersible pumps and how to customize the right model for your operation.