DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

6 Practices to Help You Manage Leaks More Efficiently

If you have a leak in your pump system, it’s bad news. Whether it’s a leaking valve, pump housing, connector or pipe, there are many concerns that will arise. First, it’s bad for equipment, which is not going to run efficiently. This leads to lost productivity and increased downtime to make repairs. Second, it’s bad […]

How BJM Shredder Pumps Help to Avoid Pump Repair and Submersible Pump Failure

Pump failure is a common problem at wastewater facilities. Non-biodegradable solids buildup can bring an operation to a grinding halt. The submersible pump will clog and ultimately fail, leading to increased downtime for repairs and maintenance. The good news is there are ways to manage the challenges presented by solids buildup in wastewater operations. Here […]

The Importance of Pump Suction Specific Speed for Avoiding Pump Repair

When you work around industrial pumps, a term you may hear a lot is pump suction specific speed (often designated as Nss). Nss is an important factor to understand, but not every operator completely understands what it represents. Our team at Cortech Engineering is here to help you better understand what Nss is and why […]

Using Surge-Anticipating Valves to Reduce Pump Repair Costs

If your pump system is prone to sudden surges of process fluids, it presents a real problem. First, it makes it difficult to control flow rate and achieve desired pump performance. Second, it can ultimately do significant damage to your system that will be costly to repair and lead to unwanted downtime.   Having the […]