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A Closer Look at PumpWorks ANSI Process Pumps

ANSI process pumps are a specific type of end-suction centrifugal pump with a single-stage design. They are used primarily in chemical processing, and can also be found in refineries, ethanol production, paper mills and various other industries. They are designed to meet strict ASME B73.1 standards. Although every pump built to meet ASME standards have […]

The Latest Tech in ANSI Pumps – PumpWorks ANSI Process Pump

Cortech Engineering is proud to offer the latest in ANSI technology: the Pumpworks GEN2  ANSI Process Pump. Featuring 25% more cooling than the GEN1 model and a 5-year unconditional power frame warranty, the PWA GEN2 ANSI Process Pump packs the upgraded features to help extend the life of your pump.   All new patent-pending frame […]

ANSI Pumps – Discover This American Original

PUMPWORKS’ New Ansi Pump Is Far from a Copy of other industry ANSI pumps. This pump is an American Original! PumpWorks Industrial has released the perfect solution for you. The new ANSI pump is made of carbon steel, a superior material in pressure capabilities. All pumps are sourced, manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA so they can […]