DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

Sludge Treatment and Wastewater Disposal with SEEPEX Pumps

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps and macerators are known for their performance, quality and dependability, so it’s no surprise they’re found in critical applications like industrial and municipal wastewater and sludge treatment facilities.    Sludge and Wastewater Conveying Solutions Since their inception, SEEPEX has driven innovation in pump design, which is evidenced by their sludge-processing technologies. […]

How Important is Accurate Flow Measurement?

Whether your operation needs to pump out wastewater or pump in clean water, maintaining an accurate flow rate is vital. Too high of a flow rate can cause pump leaks and various problems. Not enough flow can cripple your productivity. You must have accurate control of the pumps and efficient ways to measure and monitor […]

Selecting the Right Pump for Handling Raw Sewage

Pumping raw sewage is unpleasant work, but it must be done. It can be a challenging process that puts a lot of stress on the pump and other equipment with chemicals, solids and a mix of waste materials flowing through the system. Clogs can happen easily and lead to a lot of costly downtime for […]

6 Things to Consider When Selecting a Wastewater Solids-Handling Pump

When you are processing wastewater, there is naturally a more demanding variety of materials and fluid consistencies running through your plant. Having a pump that can handle solids is a must. At Cortech Engineering, we are in the business of helping operators find the best pumps for their specific applications. When selecting a wastewater solids-handling […]

Improving Safety Conditions in Wastewater Industries with Explosion-Proof Pumps

When it comes to managing wastewater, there are certain safety standards that are important to keep in mind. Most commonly, these safety issues arise when wastewater treatment facilities are located next to a landfill. In these cases, federal safety standards are put in place to protect the groundwater from contamination by leachate, which is the […]