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The Benefits of Being an ISN Contractor

ISN is a network of suppliers and contractors that is then provided for by way of streamlining processes and safety standards to ensure all members are the best in their field. The benefits of becoming a member of ISN are numerous and vast.
ISN was created because the founding members realized the amount of strain put on companies and the amount of internal resources needed to maintain safety compliances and other regulations in an ever changing legislative environment. To help companies better focus on their products and their customers, ISN began creating a network of contractors to help them maintain the compliances needed in their industry and to increase safety standards within the company. Their successful business model has helped thousands of companies to accomplish these goals.
Once becoming a member of ISN, there are many benefits of which to take advantage. Members are able to easily keep track of their performance standards and results, which helps them to build more business and network with other members to grow their businesses in other ways. Another benefit is cutting down on the cost of time and resources once allocated to determining these metrics. While important, these metrics are not the goal or priority of businesses – they are not something the business wants to focus on. By removing this task from their list of things to do, the company can solely focus on what they do best, which is usually the reason they are in business in the first place.
After being a member of ISN for some time and fully taking advantage of all that they have to offer, members can see an average of a 16% decrease in safety issues and 52% fewer incidences in comparison to the industry standard. Those numbers are highly significant and proof that companies are in need of ISN, a company that excels in finding safety warning areas and potential issues. With the help of ISN, a company is able to fix safety issues before they bring about any harm or damage.
If your company is not yet a member of ISN, now is the time to become one. Let ISN focus on safety compliances and other regulations, while you focus on what you do best.