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3 Flowserve Pumps to Put on Your Holiday Wishlist

flowserve wish list With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to get your holiday wishlist together. As you start writing that list, there are a few Flowserve pumps that need to be on your company’s list. They are powerful, reliable, and long-lasting pumps that won’t let you down. Be sure you get the best pump available and add one of these three pumps to your list this year.

  1. HS and YHT Multiplunger, Horizontal Reciprocating Pumps – This pump is ideal for use in the general industries, oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, primary metals, and mining industries. An indicator light is easily seen to reveal the oil level at all times making it a breeze to ensure the pump is properly lubricated at all times. It can serve flows up to 775 m3/h (3400 gpm) and standard pressures up to 555 bar (8030 psi). In addition, when it comes time to perform maintenance on the pump, it is equipped with self-contained cartridge type valves. This pump is a must have for anyone in these industries due to its reliability and sheer strength. The HS and YHT Multiplunger, Horizontal Reciprocating Pumps will be the best gift you can give, as well, if you are looking to purchase and not just receive.
  2. MSX Overhung, Solids Handling, Submersible Pump – The MSX series of pumps are specially designed submersible pumps that are efficient and long-lasting. These pumps are manufactured with a Class H Insulation System to ensure that the motor lasts beyond the common life expectancy of a motor. A common problem with submersible pumps is their tendency to vibrate when in use; to combat this issue the MSX series dynamically balances the shaft and the rotor to prevent vibrations that can lead to damage on the pump. The smooth operating performance of the MSX extends the life of the pump and provides an excellent experience for the user. Anyone in need of a submersible pump should have the Flowserve MSX on their list.
  3. AFH9000 Axial Flow Elbow Pump – This pump is designed to handle the harsh chemicals used in the paper and pulp industry. One of the greatest features of this pump is its ability to be customizable. It is, therefore, suitable for all applications and can be changed and updated for any purpose. An optional inflatable shaft seal allows for easy maintenance on the mechanical seal without the necessity of draining the entire system. The Axial Flow Elbow Pump is easy to use, reliable, and extremely durable – another must have on the holiday list!

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