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Milton Roy’s Featured Project: PRIMEROYAL X Series Metering Pumps

Milton Roy’s PRIMEROYAL X series of metering pumps are known for their strength and durability. These pumps are designed to take on even the toughest of applications. When looking for something new to help your job along by making it more efficient and cost-effective, the PRIMEROYAL X is the way to go.
The PRIMEROYAL X is up to every challenge that is thrown at it with any application. It runs at 20,000 PSIG to ensure that anything and everything is pumped through it effortlessly. The pump is mainly used for subsea applications where it is important to meet APA 675 guidelines, which this pump does and more. These are rigorous standards that are difficult to meet, but Milton Roy prides itself on making pumps that not only meet these standards, but go above and beyond. In addition, the PRIMEROYAL X meets all of these standards with a reduced deck footprint to allow you more room for anything else.
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With extra space and high standards, the Milton Roy PRIMEROYAL X continues to shine when it comes to safety. The pump is highly accurate and powerful, but that is not at the expense of safety. It is manufactured with safeguards to keep all operators and surrounding structures protected from the pump and anything flowing through it. Each of these things contributes to Milton Roy’s commitment to excellence and performance.
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The latest addition to the PRIMEROYAL X series pushes the limit to expand to more applications and conditions. Applications in the oil and gas industries are now handled with ease. With flows up to 16,000 gph and multiple liquid ends, the Milton Roy PRIMEROYAL X is the pump needed in all tough applications. For individual help on the particular pump in the series that is best for your application, call Cortech today.