DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

The Importance of Proper Pump Alignment

pump alignment
Making sure your pump is in proper alignment assures it will work smoothly and reliably for your application.
The alignment of your pump driver with its shaft must be accurate to .002 inches or better in order for the pump to function as it should. If the alignment is off, it will cause your pump to vibrate while in use, and this vibration can cause damage to the bearings and seals within the pump. Once damage occurs, proper maintenance and repair must be completed to be sure your pump is back in working order. All pumps do have a certain degree of vibration to them when they are in use, even if the alignment is perfect. If you are unsure about whether or not your pump is vibrating too much, you can have the vibration checked by a specialist, who can determine if the vibration is normal or due to misalignment.
If you have determined that your pump is out of alignment, there are a few ways to have it repaired. Cortech uses state-of-the-art laser alignment equipment to measure the proper alignment for your pump. The laser is designed to bring all brands of pumps within alignment parameters that exceed the recommendations of the manufacturers. Dial indicator methods and measurements taken with a straightedge and feeler gauges are also acceptable methods for measuring and adjusting alignment within your pump. When precision is key, a laser can be the most accurate and dependable method for adjusting alignment within .0005 inches of perfect.
It is important to check on the alignment of your pump periodically to ensure unwanted and unneeded stress is not being placed on your pump’s bearing and seals. Keeping your alignment in check will also keep the rest of the parts of your pump in working order as well. If you are concerned about the alignment in your pump, give Cortech a call today, and we would be happy to measure and adjust your pump’s alignment for you.