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The Interesting History of Blackmer

history_images Blackmer got its start in 1899 when R.M. Blackmer developed an alternative to the then popular gear pump. He knew something better was out there, and he set out to develop it. Once he did, the company began and took off. Following the initial stages of the business, Blackmer became incorporated in 1903 and has been dedicated to designing and creating superior pumps and providing excellent customer service.
Before 1900, gear pumps were the most common form of rotary pump. They worked by combining two meshing gears that would trap liquid between the gear housing and the gear teeth. This process would create sealing cavities that allowed the liquid to be transported from one side of the pump to the other. This was a great method, but there was one problem: the gear teeth would eventually wear down and decrease the flow rate of the pump.
Determined to solve this problem, R.M. Blacker created the very first vane pump. The vane pump uses vanes to move the liquid from one side to the other in the pump, and as the tips of the pump wear away, they slowly move out of the rotor slots to self-adjust. This ability ensures any decrease in flow rate is negligible. This revolutionized the rotary pump industry.
Not only that, but this revolution came at just the right time for Blacker. The growing automobile industry at the time was increasing the demand for gasoline and oil. This demand, in turn, created a demand for more pumps to obtain these precious resources. With a superior product, Blacker vane pumps took off to help create the best pump manufacturing company in the world. Today, Blackmer is known for its quality pumps, excellent customer service, and innovative thinking and design, and they offer a vast array of pumps for all types of industries.