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Today’s Featured Pumps: BJM Pumps Dewatering Pumps

2113322388 BJM pumps began in 1983 and has since been providing high quality pumps and personalized customer service. One of the company’s top selling types of pumps is their line of dewatering pumps. All of BJM’s dewatering pumps are ideal for waste-water pumping, construction site dewatering, effluent dewatering, and more. Currently, BJM has six different series of dewatering pumps to ensure the perfect pump is available for all types of applications. Each one is unique but each one of these is crafted with the same superior design and quality of all BJM pumps.

  1. LWA Series – The LWA series has been designed to be tough and economical. They outlast their rubber lined and cast iron counterparts to be some of the longest lasting dewatering pumps on the market.
  2. KB Series– This is BJM’s line of heavy duty dewatering agitator pumps. They can be used in settling basins, wash sumps, retention ponds, or any other type of pump job involving sand, tough silt, or coal fines. One of the best features of this series of pumps is the modest investment it takes to purchase one of the best dewatering pumps you can buy. This pump will not let you down and will not break the bank.
  3. J Series – When you need an effluent waste-water pump, the J Series is the way to go. If offers top performance in harsh conditions and is another pump that is moderately priced to make it available to many types of applications.
  4. JH Series – Applications with high head effluent wastewater require a pump with the excellent performance of a JH series. It is reasonably priced and there is no better sump pump for high head applications.
  5. R Series – Also known as bullet pumps, the R-Series submersible pumps are slim pumps that are less than 8 inches in diameter. Their small size allows them to easily fit into small spaces. They have a top-discharge system, which allows the motor to cool effectively. This is useful in applications that require the pump to run continuously. The R series pumps are perfectly designed for the dewatering of mines, construction sites, or for all-around use in industrial plants and utilities.
  6. Baby Series – BJM’s Baby Series pumps have been specifically designed for applications in very small spaces. This utility pump is small and practical and can be used without a conventional power line. In addition, they are available in both automatic and manual configurations to give you the most flexibility within your own individual application.

Cortech is a proud distributor of BJM pumps. Call us for more information. Or read our other blogs that feature BJM pump products.

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