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Prevent Blockage with the BJM Shredder Pump

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One of the biggest problems with sanitary waste is that objects are often found in it that should not be there, until the BJM Shredder Pump arrives. Even things like flushable wipes can cause major issues and strain on the systems that try to break down these foreign objects that should not be floating through the sewage system. While many pumps claim to be “non clog” pumps, the fact of the matter is that there is, inevitably, something that will actually clog them. That is, until now.
The BJM Shredder Pump is a pump unlike any other. It is made of hardened cast iron and has a fang cutting impeller with Tungsten Carbide vane tips. These tips act like teeth that are capable of shredding and decimating any object that has worked its way into the system. To give potential clients a demonstration of just how powerful this pump is, a video was created to show the ease with which the BJM Shredder Pump plows through gloves, fabric, and even a “roaster” chicken. Never again will a flushable wipe be the bane of your system’s existence. The BJM Shredder pump will take care of it like it was pure water.

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Its strength and durability come from its three seal design, winding design, and Class F motor insulation. The pump is also manufactured with an automatic shut off valve that will turn the system off if it reaches a high temperature of 239°F. Not only is this tolerated temperature higher than most any other pump could function at, but the shut off valve will automatically turn the system off if it reaches that temperature and then automatically come back on when it has cooled down; no action is required by the user.

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The powerful BJM Shredder Pump is a must have for all wastewater treatment plants. Contact Cortech today for more information and to order this groundbreaking pump for your toughest applications.