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Precision Pumps from Milton Roy

Milton Roy is a leading pump, mixing, and metering equipment manufacturer. They are known globally for exceptional products and precision-based designs. Milton Roy is the name to know when you need accurate results for demanding applications like chemical dosing. Industries & Applications Milton Roy chemical pumps and other processing equipment are utilized in various industries […]

Metering Pumps for Power Generation

Power plants worldwide can turn common water into consumable energy. These plants have complex systems that pull water from rivers, lakes, and aquifers by utilizing a series of pumps, clarifiers, and filters. Some of the pumped water is converted into steam energy through specific processes, while a vast majority of water is used for cooling […]

Meet Milton Roy’s 7 Series of Metering Pumps

Milton Roy (or simply MilRoy, as most of us know them) has long been known as one of the most reliable pump manufacturers out there. Where they really excel is in their metering pump designs. Milton Roy metering pumps are as reliable as they are accurate, providing the precision results you are looking for every […]

Milton Roy Metering Pumps Deliver Accurate Results

The most important function of a metering pump is to provide accuracy and consistency during operation. You want the process fluid to be transported at controlled flow rates and with optimum energy efficiency. Milton Roy (MilRoy) metering pumps deliver the accurate results you desire, with exceptional precision and performance.   Every gear in a Milton […]

Pump Highlight: PRIMEROYAL™ Series Metering Pumps

Milton Roy (sometimes referred to simply as MilRoy) has been a leading manufacturer of pumps since 1936. They are one of the top companies when it comes to metering pumps, and their PRIMEROYAL Series sets the standard. Impressive engineering and quality construction make these metering pumps among the most popular on the market. And we […]

Cortech Product Feature: Milton Roy MACROY Series Metering Pumps

The water treatment industry needs reliable pumps that provide specific control and performance. Milton Roy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metering pumps, including their exceptional MACROY Series of metering pumps. These pumps are specifically designed to solve the waste treatment industry’s pumping challenges.   Water Treatment Capabilities When superior reliability and durability […]